1. Overview 

As mentioned in the ICON yellow papers, history has shown that successful free-market communities maintain clearly defined methods and processes for decision making. Without such systems in place to allow pseudo-anonymous market participants to coordinate, inflexibility and inefficiencies could cause a free- market to fail as such issues would go unaddressed. Therefore, creating a joint decision-making method to develop best practices of the market is an integral component of it.

Public blockchain is a dynamic evolving ecosystem consisting of multiple anonymous market participants. Thus, in order to discuss various issues outside and inside the ecosystem, participants must be able to decide on changes and management of the code to determine the rules of the protocol. By engaging and negotiating developers, users, and representatives within the blockchain network in both direct and indirect decision-making processes, the system promotes community collaboration among large participants and achieves decentralized autonomous governance.

As the ICON Network takes steps to become one of the first fully operational decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), an essential component is a decentralized, independent governance protocol. This protocol must have the flexibility to amend given the ever-changing network, political and macroeconomic conditions, and the immutability & transparency to protect the constituency from corruption and deceit. With proper distribution of governance power and wealth, the ICON Network strives to be a network in which all interested parties have the opportunity to make an impact on the direction, policies and economics of the network. All of this is offered by Delegated Proof of Contribution, the on-chain governance mechanism of the ICON Network (*Parts of the section above copied from ICON Yellow Paged Copyright©, 2019, ICON Foundation). 

Being a decentralised ecosystem based on Delegated Proof of Contribution the ICON Network depends absolutely on the reliability, credibility, accuracy and contribution of its P-REPs, The representatives of the entire ICON Network and C-REPs, the representatives of each community and selected through on chain election.

ICONPLUS has a reputation for delivering world-class service, and its people are currently trusted by businesses, governments and research organisations and contributors around the world to deliver independent service that is comprehensive, reliable, efficient and up-to-date.

2. Background and credentials

Innovation, expansion and implementation

ICONPLUS is a globally connected team with partners spreading across multiple continents.  Our team members have been carefully put together to deliver unrivalled quality service to help the ICON Network’s adoption and expansion. 

  • Hundreds of thousands of reference articles

  • Daily updated data base of Wells, field, basins, plays, surveys, contracts etc.

  • Global coverage, focused at national and regional levels

  • Comprehensive access to historical data and current activity data

  • Analysis from recognised independent experts, including local analysts

With ICONPLUS you can be sure that we will deliver on our promises and help support the Network to grow, forge new partnership, solidify the governance, increase implementation and therefore positively impact the token price through a healthy growth of supply and demand.

The most up-to-date information available

Through our public outreach the ICONPLUS team intends to support the foundation and network with marketing and community management based activity and ensure the most up to date information is reaching all our 1000s of interlocutors. We will also design specific marketing qualitative and quantitative campaigns to enlighten newcomers and help the foundation organise possible business meetings with large capital investors and potential future partners.

Trusted worldwide

ICONPLUS works with a number of public figures and influencers with a global outreach which we intend to utilise to help adoption, spread the word and bring more exposure to the Network and excellent work the foundation has done thus far. We will also utilise our business contacts to further aid expansion into frontier industries and a number of countries.

Expert insight

ICONPLUS project benefits from a highly experienced team with a combined 90 years experience across multiple industries and responsibilities including and not limited to Banking, Oil and Gas, Defence, Maritime, Trading, Education and Training. With our staff positioned in between the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, United State, Spain, Nigeria and the UAE:

  • 3 partners with banking and Oil and Gas experience.

  • 4 partners with prior management experience.

  • A combined $1.5B of revenue managed and commercial business responsibilities

  • 1 partner with prior marketing and community management experience with a reach to 100 thousand people and building a community from the ground to over 10K.

3. Technology 


ICON’s blockchain technology is already being applied in real world institutions such as banks, securities firms, hospitals, and universities, however a useful usability is defined by a number of factors, such ease of use, adoption, unique value add, ROI, overcoming existing challenges, disrupting status quo, appeal, onboarding and so on. It is apparent that the ICON Network has not just aligned technological issues faced by its blockchain predecessors, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum but actually also works through a very meticulously defined strategy to simultaneously onboard private and public chains in a giant puzzle. One piece at the time whilst navigating legislation issues, government concerns and processes, the ever evolving needs of its potential clients, and helping them both build personalised networks and onboard them to this ‘New Economy’ disrupting technology. Once this is reached the ICON ecosystem will enter a new phase of adoption and usability where the Network will organically selfgrow based on the appeal, interoperability and additional benefit; we saw a number of announcements like DID, BROOF and others which represent the tip of the iceberg of how ICON Network can ease our everyday life and better our transactions, check, data request, data management.


ICON is scalable not only to public blockchains (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum) but also private/permissioned, and other interchain blockchain networks. ICON Network will be in the centre of connecting different blockchains to build a more valuable and scalable network. Its Network has the luxury to learn from shortcoming of previous iterations of the blockchain to come up with a much more robust, proven, self-governed and scalable solution, capable to meet the need of a new era of innovation as well as able to adjust and be flexible to cope with upgrades, changes and special requests. The ICON Network is built with interoperability at its heart capable of linking multiple blockchains together (private/public) and also competent to grow and learn to interoperate with other external blockchains. With the latest announced partnership with ChainLink blockchain, LINE, Saramin HR and Postech (Broof) it is apparent this space is ever evolving to adjust to the demand of the conventional industry.


A transparent governance system and artificial intelligence (AI) guided incentive system is at the core of ICON’s sustainable network. Through the mutual trust earned with our system, C-Reps and Nodes will actively contribute to the ICON community. To reduce on the technical language, ICONLOOP  & ICON have proved to not only spin solutions relatively swiftly (in comparison to “Cardano” as an example) but also produce very clear code, solid program and scalable solutions, mainly due to their highly technical teams (~150 employees) and their experience in building private blockchains for local firms in South Korea. The Icon Ecosystem is moving fast while expanding the Network slowly but steadily, getting more institutions, government organisations, cities, private and public businesses joining the ecosystem, including some of South Korea’s biggest conglomerates.

All those will interoperate in a decentralised trust-less way whilst keeping total control over their data and freedom. Based on the various apparent facts, projects, ideas, MOUs and partnerships are clearly a strong sign of the reliability of the ICON Network and the trust the South Koreans and Japanese thus far are putting into the ecosystem. As such, the ICONPLUS team decided to take part of this groundbreaking hyperconnected platform and be one of the teams to aim maintain governance, contribute to its success and help its expansion.

Our intentions

We intend to start our node using the AWS services; we do realise however this can lead to a loss of decentralisation and over-reliance on a single provider despite its various advantages such as cost, up time, cloud flexibility and up-time. Therefore, our long-term target once our business stabilises and our primary objectives are met we intend to invest in a secondary physical server fully maintained by us to ensure a true decentralisation and further support in the governance of the network.


4. Opportunity

Since the first blockchain advocates began promoting the technology’s capabilities over a decade ago, leaders across industries have often seemed unsure what to do with it. But in 2019, something appears to be happening, what has emerged is a shared recognition that blockchain is real and that it can serve as a pragmatic solution to business problems across various use case. Leaders wary of tech-based solutions have come to see the larger, transformational importance of the technology.  Although blockchain hasn’t reached its full potential, savvy investors and executive surveyed by companies such as Deloitte are confident about new and evolving use cases, everyone continues to perceive the technology as a connecting platform that can help many business processes. Based on various research and surveys it is apparent that the blockchain based investment is on the rise and growing across multiple industries and sectors. This represents huge opportunity for the visionaries and early investors in this space where opportunity is only forecasted to grow over the short to mid-future.

“Executives are no longer asking a single question about the blockchain but, a broad set of question reflecting the role blockchain can play within their organisations” (Deloitte Survey, 2019)

Deloitte’s 2019 survey shows it is apparent that companies with ideologies such as ICON will be in the forefront race of superiority in this space, whereby they are not only focused on building the application and governance but also working extra hard on the implementation and adoption process, creating the ecosystem, onboarding, identifying the ROI, building the foundations of interoperability, working on easing regulatory pinch points and therefore clarifying the use case and ROI.


5. Proposal

A. Expansion 

With the various low hanging fruits and yet undisrupted industries by the blockchain the ICONPLUS team intends to contribute towards the expansions and growth of both the ICON Network and ICONLOOP. Our main expansion aim is to aid the ICON Foundation by creating strategic partnerships with governments around West, Southern Africa and the Gulf countries, with the purpose to become their preferred blockchain partner to further investigate with each of the countries the various ways where the blockchain can be utilised, benefited from and prioritised.

Whilst certain use cases are obvious such as banking, crowdfunding, crypto, gaming and retail, many governments and legislators are still yet need to understand how they can benefit from blockchain across other sectors. Even more, in certain African countries where they still suffer from issues such as corruption, slow administrative processes, weak sovereign currency, election issues etc. We as ICONPLUS  P-REP we intend to help breach the gap and play an integral part in demonstrating how the ICON Network can help resolve the above mentioned challenges, gather information & data about the approach, how it went, implementation and challenges in order to help perfect our pitch and improvement for further expansion projects. We intend to provide case studies (to be decided if to be shared publicly or not) about our discussions, approach and results.

Our local partners and have a very clear strategy and idea where to start and which industries to target first, where to have the most impact and help widen nationwide the use and reliance over the ICON Network such as:

Government | Education | Finance and Banking | Human resources | Commodity trading |Crude import/export |Big data | IOT | AI & Cloud computing.  


B. Marketing 

At ICONPLUS, marketing will not be about hype and ‘overshouting’ as we see with other competitors. Marketing at ICONPLUS is focussed on inclusivity: It’s not just the ICONPLUS Team, it’s the ICON community members, it’s the other P-Reps, developers and even the guys that are trading the ICX token. We believe everyone is engaged in this process, while ICONPLUS is just being the ‘driver’. And more importantly, it’s about making sure that everyone understands their role in positively contributing to the ICON ecosystem, regardless of their position in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain market.

ICONPLUS Marketing will be about integrating online and offline marketing strategies to communicate the brand message more effectively, growing online and offline exposure in an educational and informative manner, growing and managing the ICON community and crucially: finding, attracting and keeping the right (financial) clients all while maximising utility and profitability.

C. Sales 

We intend to actively help promote the ICON Network to organisations, governments and businesses to help them understand the benefits of the Network, pros and cons as well as help them during the onboarding phase and initiation.

Our priority will be to help pitch the ICON investment to large capital investment funds and capital ventures we long ongoing relationship with, we won’t stop there but we will put in place a strategic capture framework to capitalise from the various meet-ups, events and conferences to ensure a separate VIP and inclusive experience for the large capital ventures.

  • We will approach universities starting from Nigeria (list to be shared at later stage) with the intention to expand the program to Angola, UAE and Canada.

  • We will actively initiate our discussions with various government across West Africa and will bring the ICON Foundation in the discussion accordingly.

  • We will aid local adoption and increase exposure by targeting local news and proving them with insight, interviews and articles they can publish locally. 

  • We will help organise government meetings for the ICON Foundation with an aim to achieve strategic partnerships and MOUs.

D. Governance and node

Produce, validate and verify blocks, as well as participate in network consensus and governance, we are targeting an up time of over 99.5% as well as aiming to contributing in proposing improvements to help.

We will be proposing and implementing projects and activities that contribute to the ecosystem expansion. We will be using our own rewards to contribute back to the community, support the ecosystem, improve usability and experience and promote the network.

We intend to take an active part in all ICON group and attend all P-REPs meetings with an aim to be an active and positive P-REP and help drive the activity in the right path.

E.  Academia

We will do regular statistical and behavioural analysis on the ICON Network, providing social and development information, social and network trends and much more. By looking at the ICON Network from different angles, we will deliver data driven data driven possibilities to optimize investing in the ICON token.

F.  Coding

We aim to provide ICON with additional man power and expert resource to help review and curate GitHub published codes and repository to provide a third-party impartial review process, a process which will help the foundation to avoid teething deployment issues, mitigate implementation issues, avoid any negative experience which may impact the brand or adoption. We will also publish our findings to the community to help the non-technical wider public understand the ongoing work, quality and progress; this should help improve investor trust and attract new potential users/investors. 

G.   Development & Partnerships: “Built it and they will come”

Whilst at ICONPLUS we believe in the power of brand development, community management and growth, finding, attracting and keeping long-term investors, we also recognize the strategic business value and importance of the development of the core technology of the ICON platform. As part of our strategic objective and based on results, the ICONPLUS P-REP team plans to build strategic alliances with other P-REP teams who have a pedigree in development and delivering outstanding results. By joining forces, we can assist in supporting the growth of the ecosystem, continuous Research and Development in DAPPS and ensure we retain our developers and tech community in this highly competitive market from evading to other Blockchain projects.


6. About Team ICONPLUS

ICONPLUS is a group of talented individuals with a proven track record in both the corporate and private entrepreneurship including 2 seasoned investors with a combined 90 years of experience and an average age of 42 years. We have managed to secure funding and investment from within to support us to deliver on the key requirements to be a P-REP, however our proposal is a lot more extensive and strategic:

Our main objective is to increase exposure and implementation of the ICON technology by providing a better understanding of its unlimited abilities and challenges and most importantly: Unpacking the massive potential of the ICON ecosystem in the unexplored but highly potential region of Africa and the Middle East. Our mission is to ensure that the price of the token is rooted in utility rather than speculation.


Reda, MSc. Reda is Non-Executive Founder of ICONPLUS, holder of MSc in Marketing and BSc in Economics and Management with 15 years commercial management experience currently working for a top NSY100 company as an MD and managing a portfolio of customers exceed $200M per annum with global customers across multiple sectors such as Finance, A&D, Oil & Gas and Chemicals. Reda has 10+ of leadership experience accustomed to working under presser and setting up teams for success.

Mounia, MSc. Mounia  will be responsible for Marketing and PR at ICONPLUS and was a co- founder of the the free educational hub CFN. Mounia is passionate about Blockchain and the impact this disruptive Technology will have on many industries and society as a whole and aims to share her knowledge about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a safe, easy accessible and unbiased environment.

Bawo Ogbeto, Partner & Advisor at ICONPLUS, Bawo is an entrepreneur and a thought leader, a successful investor in West Africa with a proven track record of 40 years business acumen with successful businesses in the oil and gas industry, pipeline installation and security, with huge experience in creating strategic partnership and alliances around the West African Region.

Mezzy Iqbal, Investor and strategic partner; with +15 years’ experience working for various public sector offices, Mezzy brings us an invaluable experience of how government operates, how to deal with regulations, lobbies and how to help us position and introduce a disrupting technology to government bodies and institutions. 

Rob, Systems Architect, senior technical consultant and part of our fellow P-REP Insight team who continues to provide sterling work in supporting and assisting P-REPs and thereafter contributing towards improved governance and decentralised ecosystem.

David Fisher, Investor with very long experience in start-up investment & commodity trading.

Snark12, Developer. 

7. Contact Us 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ICONPLUS team:


Follow us on Twitter and join us on Telegram.

8. Disclaimer 

This document and its contents, including the software, data, and processing technology described herein, (collectively the “Property”) are Copyright © 2020, ICONPLUS and/or its Partners (together “ICONPLUS”) and constitute the proprietary and confidential information of ICONPLUS. ICONPLUS reserves all rights in and to the Property.

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Our proposal lists a number of projects, however the delivery will be based on availability of funds, rewards quality via voters, support from the ICON Foundation and the community. We will work on our proposal based on budget allowance available to ICONPLUS and may have to change priorities, reshuffle objectives or tweak our agenda accordingly. Failure to secure efficient votes and or funds may lead to the retiring or delay of certain initiatives.


IP Credit and references

*Public source ICON Yellow Pages

*Public source Delloitte 2019 Blockchain Survey

*Public source public information domain

ICONPLUS, United Kingdom, March 2020